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Cooking Hall of Fame Gallery - a tribute to all the important cooks in my life. Please feel free to elect all the important cooks in your life, for they have all "whisked up a better world" with their Aroma Therapy...

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Joan Arcieri

Inducted November 20, 2006

by her cousin Elise Feiner

She may never have had very much

but what she had, she always gave generously of. Her warmth and

laughter will always be a part of those

who loved her.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Anginette Cookies

Katherine Angela Avella
Katherine Angela Avella

Inducted June 13, 2006 by her grandchildren; Jeffrey, Steven, David and Lauren Feiner

She set the example for the whole family to follow. Her kitchen and home were filled with love.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Gravy and Meatballs

Thirza Castro Avella

Inducted January 25, 2007

by her sister-in-law Elise Feiner

Her ability to have a great time was legendary...

Her laughter and her dancing filled a room with joy.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Thanksgiving Turkey

Dorothy Burt

Inducted October 3, 2007

by her daughter and son-in-law

Eileen and Anthony Furino

Dorothy was a legendary

gourmet cook.

She filled her home with love and

aroma therapy.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Eileen: Her Roasted Turkey and Thanksgiving Dinners

Anthony: Her Chocolate Cream Pie

Mary Avella Caccavale

Inducted December 23, 2007

by her nephew Marc Feiner

There were never less than 30

people around her dinner table

on any given Sunday or holiday.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Marc says it's her sanguinache

or blood pudding



Jeane Tolino Cassata

Inducted November 14, 2008

by her "other daughter"

Elise Feiner

Jeane is an amazing women who

makes cooking so easy.  When

you sit and converse with her

the recipes just flow and flow

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her legendary Tomato Sauce

but I love her

Fried Bologna, Eggs and Potato Chips


Evita "Eva" Castro

Inducted November 10, 2007

by her son-in-law

Joseph Avella

Eva always carried a full load,

most of the time by herself,

yet she managed to find time to be an excellent cook

Her Most Favorite Recipe:


Ann Frances D'Amico

Inducted October 3, 2007

by cousin Elise Feiner

Ann was Martha Stewart

before there was a Martha Stuart. 

She is known for her family parties,

doing all the catering on her own, and,

all her

friends bridal showers and parties

Her Most Famous Recipe:

My two favorites are her Linzer Tarts

and her Quiche Lorraine

Vincent "The General" DeClemente

Inducted September 20, 2008

by his nephew

Marc Feiner

We may to give equal time to our

influential men too...

Uncle Jimmy is a fabulous cook,

and more importantly one of the

kindest and loving men around

His Most Famous Recipe:

There are so many but Marc nominated his Peppers

Maria Di Pierdomenico

Inducted February 18, 2008

by Elise Feiner

Maria was our next door neighbor when I was a little girl.  She made

pizzelles before they were in vogue, filled them with her homemade strawberry

jam and grated chocolate.  I can still see those old fashioned pizzelle irons with the long handles on her stove.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Pizzelles

Rose Marie DiPierdomenico

Inducted August 23, 2008

by her "sister-in-law"

Elise Feiner

Ro is an incredible good, feeding tons of people at the same time.  Her barbeques were famous all over the Hampton's. She makes cooking look easy...

She turned the Feiner kids into mussel eating machines

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Mussels Marinara

Steven Philip Feiner

Inducted March 28, 2008

by his mother Elise Feiner

Steven is a great cook for a young guy. He has embraced all of our family traditions and learned to cook them

all.  We can all rest assured that the

next generation will enjoy the

same foods as the past generations have

His Most Famous Recipe:

His Thanksgiving Sausage Stuffing and

New Years Eve Eggnog

Phyllis Foster Caccavale

Inducted October 31, 2008

Following in the footsteps of all her Avella aunts, Phyllis has led the next generation.  The holiday

meals were placed in her capable hands and she

took the torch and ran with it.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Eggplant Parmigiana



Aliza Gerstein

Inducted October 28, 2008

by Jeffrey Feiner

Aliza is our dear friend and was Jeffrey's Hebrew School Teacher.  She is a warm and caring wife and mother...nurturing is what she does best...and then there is her cooking.  She is of Greek descent

and is a fabulous international cook. She and her husband Rabbi Stan stayed with Jeffrey at his apartment in Baltimore, hence, he was on the receiving end of her

culinary generosity, and this nomination

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Spanokopita and Baklava


Executive Chef John J. Grimaldi

Inducted November 10, 2008

by his cousin Elise Feiner

John has been cooking for as

long as I can remember. 

He has cooked in

almost every Italian Salumeria

in Staten Island and can now be

found in Long Island at

Seven Brothers Catering in Oceanside

Of course, I taught him

everything he knows, lol

"Johnny G" your the best!

His Most Famous Recipe:

So many recipes, so little space,

but it would be his Chocolate Chicken

Millie Grimaldi

Inducted in August 17, 2007

by Elise Feiner

From the smallest of kitchen Aunt Millie could turn out a gourmet meal in minutes.  I remember as a kid going for lunch and she made the potato salad in 20 minutes, served it warm, and I was most impressed!

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Potato Croquettes

Cyndie Koury

Inducted July 15, 2008

by Elise Feiner

Cyndie is a wonderful cook and specializes in all things ethnic.

  She is a whiz at Lebanese Cuisine.

Her cookie trays are beyond

the beyond.  There is

nothing she can't cook.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Spinach Pies and Kibbee

Diane Longo

Inducted November 1, 2008

by Lauren Feiner

Diane was our next door neighbor and

we spent so many of our growing

up years in her kitchen.  She always

had something special for us

and has never forgotten us

through the years.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Crumb Cake Diane

my (Lauren's) Favorite

Joanna Lund
JoAnna Lund

Inducted June 16, 2006 by her friends at Cookbooks etc.
JoAnna noted cookbook author and friend, will be sorely missed by all her friends.

Her Most Famous Recipe:
Lemon Meringue Pie






Elizabeth Barone Maida

Inducted January 16, 2008

by her niece Elise Feiner

Aunt Lizzie was such an incredible force in my life, having so much time at her house growing up.

She and my mother were

like sisters and the same

holds true for her daughters and me.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Sunday Roast Beef Dinners with

Mushrooms on the side




Clementina Massimiano Mainella

Inducted February 17, 2005

by her granddaughter

Elise Feiner

My grandmother started it all, what a role

model she was.  Widowed at 29,

pregnant with her last child,

she took in sewing to take care of

her family, putting a son through

Medical School and a daughter through

college, with the help of her other

two children.  She was an superb cook, anything she touched was delicious!

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Home-made Tagliatelle with Gravy and Meat




Edith Jacques Mainella

Inducted August 23, 2006 by

her niece Elise Feiner

Her heart and her house were always open to everyone she knew, and everyone they knew.  She was French Irish by birth but learned to be a gourmet Italian cook when

she came into our family.

Her most famous recipe:

Pasta Fagioli (Pasta Fazool on Friday night)

Fettuccine Alfredo my very favorite



Jean LaRocca Mainella

Inducted November 1, 2008

by her niece Elise Feiner

I had the opportunity to live with my Aunt Jean and Uncle Pat during

my senior year of high school when

my parents sold their house in

Brooklyn and moved to Staten Island.

She was a woman ahead of her

time, working from home and

running s trucking business.

She taught me to cook with color...

You have to have several colors on the

plate and you'll have a balanced meal

she would say.

Her Most Famous Recipe

Veal Cutlets

Josephine Emilia Mainella

Inducted January 23, 2008

on her 90th Birthday by

her niece Elise Feiner

Aunt Fifi lived with our family her

whole life as she never married.  She

was my other mother, and when my

mother died, she came to live

with Marc and I.

We spent many happy hours in the kitchen

together making bread, cookies, name it, we cooked it.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

A Toss-up between

Her Tarelle with pepper and nuts

or her Easter Conga Bread

Mary Marmorale

Inducted December 1, 2007

by Elise Feiner

Mary was a very close friend of

my mother's for their entire

lives and we remain

that way with her children. Their

families came from the same town in

Italy. Her husband Mike would only

eat Mary's cooking and no one else

with one exception...he would eat

my mother's food too, as their style

of cooking was the same. As a child

we would often go to Mary's on Sunday where she would

have pizza dough rising and wait for

dinner with bated breath.

Her Most Famous Recipe

Her homemade Pizza - no one has come close yet






Antoinette Grimaldi Mercurio

Inducted November 4, 2008

by Elise Feiner

It seems all of the Italian women

of that generation could rival

any of the top chefs

and culinary graduates of today.

Ann was no exception.  When going

through all my mother and aunt's

papers, I found so many recipes

that were Ann's that we

enjoyed through the years.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Fried Zeppole








Rose Pacifico

Inducted September 7, 2008 by

Elise Feiner

An incredible woman, a fabulous cook

a wonderful role model.

So many of my teenage years were

spent in Rose's house and more

specifically in Rose's kitchen.  She

ranked among the best cooks out

there, and was willing to teach all

she knew to her pesky next door

neighbor who adored her.

I learned so much about cooking from growing up in her kitchen.

Her door was always open to everyone,

family and friends alike.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her 2 o'clock in the morning pasta dinners





Nellie Billet Reinish

Inducted November 15, 2005

by her granddaughter

Elise Feiner

Nanny Nellie is my husband

Marc's maternal grandmother.

Along with her husband Judah, they

ran Germantown Butter and Egg

in Philadelphia, Pa. She was one of the few women who could give you a

recipe with the right proportions from

her head, although she never used a

recipe to cook. When I married Marc,

she taught me all there was to

know about Jewish Cooking

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Cabbage Soup

but she made a mean brisket, cole slaw, and luchen kugel too!

Rae Lipetz Rosenfeld

Inducted 10/31/2008 by her children

Mindy Rosenfeld Stookey

and Jake Stookey,

Lindsey Ulrich Rosenfeld

and Joshua Rosenfeld

Her home is always filled with

lots of love and great food.

My note: Rae is quite

a good cook but doesn't think

she is...she is very wrong!

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her incredible rugalach



Camille Cassata Sanabria

Inducted November 4, 2008

by her "sister"

ELise Feiner

Camille is a very close friend and

a wonderful cook, as is her mother Jean,e

and her sister Fran.  I would know

because whenever we head to

the city we land at

Camille and Rene's where we have

had some wonderful meals.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Chicken Marsala

and her grandmother's

Thanksgiving Soup

which I can never spell right


Barbara Ostrow Schwartz

Inducted July 31, 2007

by Lauren Feiner

Aunt Barbara was a very important figure in the lives of the Feiner kids.

She was the first person our Mom

met when she moved upstate

and they got along famously

because they both spoke

Brooklynese.  We spent many

holidays together gathered at

each others tables.  She helped us with all our college applications

and grad school applications. She

will live on for us through

her recipes.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Potato Kugel and Brisket

Ann Silvestri

Inducted April 18, 2008

by her cousin Joseph Avella

Having spent a good many

years working for my cousin

Philly and living at their

house in Huntington I experienced

first hand Ann's delicious meals.

Her home was always open to the

family and every year we had an annual holiday party there.

Her Most Favorite Recipe:



Angelina Avella Silvestri

Inducted September 1, 2007

by her niece Elise Feiner

My Aunt Julia was the oldest of

my father's six sisters, and more

like a mother to him than a sister.

When I was young, she lived upstairs

from my father's barber shop and

would cook and bake into the wee

hours of the morning.  I wonder who I

take after.  Although she was a

good cook, she was a superior baker.

She was making Rice Krispie Treats

before anyone knew what they were.

Her anginette were legend.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Three Layer Sponge Cake

with Ricotta Filling


Ferne Sussman

Inducted November 11, 2008

by her granddaughters

Abby and Jody Feiner

Ferne Sussman is a fabulous

cook who work side by side

with her husband Moe

at Moe's Deli in

Philadelphia.  She is a wonderful

cook in her own right.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Salads in the deli

and her brisket





Moe Sussman

Inducted November 11, 2008

by his granddaughters

Abby and Jody Feiner

Moe, the driving force behind

Moe's Deli deserves mention of

this Hall of Fame Cooking Site.

Although he may not have done the

actual cooking at Moe's Deli

it was one of the best

Deli's in Philadelphia because of

him.  He ran a family business

and those who worked there

became family as well.

He was one of the greats!

His Most Famous Recipe:

Moe's Corned Beef Special



Jennie Avella Tarantino

Inducted April 16, 2007

by her niece Elise Feiner

Aunt Jennie was another of my father's sisters.  On Sunday morning when he

came home from church, we

accompanied my father on rounds. First to see Aunt Frances,

then Aunt Mary, then

to Aunt Jenny's where she,

and Aunts Mae and Flo lived.

We ate our way through Brooklyn and mother mother could never understand why we were never hungary at dinner.  A meatball here, some cake there, and so it went.

My Aunt Julia as I said cooked, but she was really the baker of the sisters, Aunt Jenny was the cook.  Her kitchen gave new meaning to the term

Aroma Therapy.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Oven Roasted die for!


Maria Trainer

Inducted August 14, 2007

by her children

Katherine, Jonathan, Kyle and Tessa

Our Mom is an absolutely terrific

cook.  Everything she touches is

delicious.  She does everything

from scratch.  She continues to

cook and send care packages

since we are all away at school

or working in other cities.  We all

wait for those packages to arrive.

Her house is open to all and our friends have never been so well fed.

It was really hard to pick her

most famous recipe as everything she makes is delicious!

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her pesto sauce

no one even comes close

Estelle Zierler

Inducted November 11, 2008

by Elise Feiner

I met Estelle through my friend Fran,

her daughter-in-law.  Through

the years we became great

friends and gambling buddies.  I

always looked forward to her visits,

for her sense of humor

lit up the room.

She was a good cook as well

and in a house of good cooks, she

always held her own.

Her Most Famous Recipe:

Her Tossed Salad and her

Roast Beef

Frances Cassata Zierler

Inducted August 18, 2008

by her friend Elise Feiner

When you love to cook, you

sometimes don't enjoy going out to restaurants or other people houses because you can do it better yourself...not so if you eat at Fran's

This woman can cook, and cook, and cook. At some point along the way

some of her family were vegetarians, and she could cook macaroni a million

ways.  Our styles of cooking are so

similar, so we always enjoyed it when

one of us was doing the cooking so the other one didn't have too. Again,

picking a famous recipe of hers is a hard thing to do, everything is great!

Her Most Famous Recipe:

At least for me is her

Macaroni with Zucchini



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