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A cookbook is an excellent way to raise funds for your organization or charity. Cookbooks are easy to sell…everybody needs to eat! Cookbooks always make great gifts; collecting cookbooks is one of the top hobbies in the country! Holidays are an ideal time for sales. You can make a large profit with very little effort, year after year. The problem today is finding a committee to get the job done. People are holding down two jobs, running around with their children, being asked to volunteer for so many different activities, that they no longer have the time to be on a committee that is so time consuming. Putting together a cookbook is a tremendous amount of work. We have a great solution for you…use our cookbook, “Cooking with Love”. The book is already done and filled with an incredible array of American and international recipes, encompassing 577 pages, and over 1000 recipes. You don’t have to waste time waiting to have people turn in recipes, proof reading them, retyping them, setting up the cookbook, waiting for another proof…all the work is done for you. Generate sales through your group’s website, by phone, special mailings or at group events. Just send out an announcement, send out a press release, write it in your newsletter, just get the word out there that you are selling a cookbook to raise money for whatever your cause is...

It’s that simple...

Purchase a copy of our book so you’ll have a sample available to show people.

Let them order the book; we suggest having them prepay for the book at the time they place the order. Prepaying finalizes the sale and you don’t have to worry about receiving your payments later; you will also know exactly how many to order.

Let us know how many copies you need.

Send your check.

Have people pick up their cookbooks or deliver them. Shipping/Handling: Charges vary, depending on destination and quantities ordered. Call for a quote.

We suggest removing the order form from the cookbook and replacing it with a reorder form from your organization so you can continue to raise money for your group (You can copy ou forms and place your own groups name on it). This insures continuous reorders for your group.

Your organization will earn between $5-10.00 for every book you sell (depending on how you decide to handle the shipping and handling); it’s that simple.

Contact us at please include your name, phone/fax number, name of group/organization and your job function within the group. Please let us know the best way and time to contact you. Let us know what your needs are and how we can help you.

If scheduling permits, Elise Feiner can make an appearance for a book signing. Contact us for further information and a fee schedule.

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