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Dear Elise,

t has taken me many years to learn that sharing food with the family is probably one of the most important parts of daily life.
We take the time out from our day to teach our children how to cook and prepare them for survival as they grow.
We gather at the table to start and end the day and 'touch base' with their progress and often their emotions.
Family and food were never connected for me as a child where I came from a household that only saw cookery as a means to an end and to sit in silence at the table was the order of the day.

Cooking with Love is a beautiful example of exactly what I have been rambling on about!
I will be following your example and will keep a bottle of 'Love' in my kitchen as an added extra in my families cooking. Your chocolate chip zucchini cake sounds awesome and something I will definitely be trying out as I grow zucchini's in my garden and always have an abundance (and I also like a bit of chocolate!). I love that I know whose recipe I am cooking from and that there are also pictures of these people that I can almost feel beside my as I prepare a recipe in your book.
Congratulations on producing such a wonderful book. Both you and your family can be justifiably proud.

Michelle Moon


Dear Elise

Your cookbook has become a family favorite.  Jane, Ashley and I use it all the time.  Bubbe is a fan of it too.  She always copies a recipe out of it when she comes.  She loves to give the book as a gift too.

Looking thru the book brings back loads of very fond memories.  It was a time of good times, good health and much happiness for all of us.  It took your creativity to put it all together for us.

In your special way, you have touched all our lives, put it together in a cookbook filled with love and memories, and loads of good eating!!!  As I've said before, thanks for always being you!!!



Judy & Mel  Oster

Dear Elise,


I have been meaning to connect with you since I received your cookbook, as a gift from my friend Melissa (Smith) Casatelli.  My name is Noelle (Brigano) Pallaria.  I went to school with your son Jeff.  Currently I reside in San Diego, California we’ve been here for a bit over two years.  We moved here from Italy where we spent more than 6 years traveling and studying the cuisine and culture of Italy.  I have been in the restaurant business for as long as I can remember.  Currently I work as a Private Estate Chef and I also teach cooking classes at a local cooking school.  I am really enjoying my work. 


I write to you to compliment your book, I just love it!  I’ve always felt a special connection with the traditions that we were raised with in Utica.  Being here in Southern California often reminds me of how lucky we are in Utica to have been raised with “culture” (certainly not the weather).  So when I picked up the book it kind of took me to another place in my mind.  Also – my mouth was watering, as I often reminisce about the food in Utica!  I’d do anything for an authentic dish of Utican Cavatelli with a side of Dino’s Greens!  So I thought I’d drop you a quick note with my compliments. 


I also have pondered writing a cookbook.  Possibly a cooking/travel log.  I studied at the CIA hence I am not a formally trained journalist, so the project scares me a little.  But I love cook books with not only great recipes but some substance too… that is why yours really made an impression on me. 


All the best,



Hi Elise,


The Professional Chef book looks great!  If I had known it existed, I would have bought it myself. Thank you for thinking of me (and picking the right book!)


Also, thank you for sending the Cooking with Love book.  I have been getting a lot of great use out of it, which translates into abuse, and I hate to see the only copy get ruined, but on the other hand I would never want to remove it from the kitchen!  I love the book because you can tell that every single recipe is a real recipe that made it into the book because people eat them and really enjoy them.  Most other cookbooks that I own have a lot of filler recipes.  So far I've made your chicken soup (twice), Gramma K's chicken cutlets, Rae's hummus (twice).  I love Maria Trainor's shrimp marinara  recipe for nights when I would usually just make spaghetti with jarred sauce, now I make it with delicious shrimp, and it's just as easy.  Brilliant!


Thanks again,


Dear Elise,

Thank you so much for the cookbook! I've enjoyed not only the beautiful recipes but the even more beautiful pictures of your family and friends.  My daughter-in-laws keep taking it on me.


Sue Maxam

Mrs. Feiner,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the amazing job you did writing your cookbook. I grew up in a traditional Italian house also, and your recipes and stories brought back so many wonderful memories.  Even though we have never met, I feel like I've known you forever!

I plan to try so many of the recipes, I'm just not sure where to begin!  Thank you again for all the work and love you put into your book.


Andrea Helmer

Well, I did it all by myself. I made your chicken soup and the meat balls to put in it. Now I just have to wait until Steve eats it tonight to see if it tastes good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I never had many memories of my cooking with my mother, but I sure had a flood of memories as I was making the meat balls again. Not only watching your mother make them at your house on Thistle Court, but now helping you make them at your kitchen table just the other day. I was thinking of journaling in my copy of the cookbook near the recipes as I make them. I was glad that I made the vinyl cover for the pages of the cookbook. Things got a little messy.

Will let you know after the "taste testing" how it was.

Take care,
Love, Rae


Hi! Steve said the soup was really good. Thank you, Thank you! I also followed the recipe as written and everything was great. The only thing is you have a "them" instead of a then in the soup recipe. No big deal.
It was so detailed that I couldn't have gone wrong.

Thanks again for the memories and the cookbook.

Well Elise ...after months of enjoying your cookbook, meaning looking through and reading it....I finally used it!! Knowing I was going to be home this windy Sunday afternoon I decided "what better time to try the official Avella "gravy"...and of course the meatballs that go with it...Well, Kenny is still sitting at the kitchen table moaning about how good dinner was. I have never really known how to make real sauce and my meatballs are always hit and miss, when they're good I don't remember how I made them, etc....So, I followed your recipe to the letter and it was delicious. The only problem I had was, it said to use a very large pot(8-12qt) so I used my largest which is 8qts and it wasn't big enough. Before I could even add the meat it was overflowing, so I divided it into 2 pots then...Anyhow, theres no stopping me now!!

Susan (Marquino)


Hi Elise,  

The cookbook arrived today in great shape.  I love it and can hardly wait to spend time reading it and trying some of the recipes.   As Mo and I were looking at your book, it reminded us that we wanted to do a cookbook for our family recipes.    Thanks for such prompt service.  I was impressed with the service as well as the book.   Happy cookbooking.  You have found a great group of cookbook- aholics.

Mar Jo Jennings

(sister of the founder of Coombooksetc.



I am the chief cataloger at Mid-York Library System, and I've just finished entering your wonderful family cookbook into our database for the New Hartford library. It looks like a real winner!

I would like to purchase a copy for my own family. Please let me know the specifics ASAP.

Thanks so much.

Cheri Powers
Mid-York Library System
Utica, NY

Hi Mrs. Feiner,

Earlier today, I decided I wanted to make a nice Sunday pasta dinner for my brothers and I, so I immediately turned to Cooking With Love to look for a great recipe...not only did I find one, but I found myself reading through the book for what seemed to be hours, mesmerized by the photographs, the descriptions about families and the incredible themes of family and love that are carried though each and every page. I re-read Jeff's introduction, all about family traditions and the significance of holidays, and this resonated so much with me that my eyes started tearing up--I thought I would share this with you to let you know how much your cookbook means to me, as someone living away from home yet feeling so connected to such an amazing family that spans so many generations and states.

Thank you so much for this, it truly made my day :) I hope to see you really soon, especially as the holidays come around!!

Kassie (Trainor)

Book Title Cooking with Love, The Avella-Feiner Family & Friends cookbook,
Our Family's Journey Through Our Epicurean History
Author (s) Elise Feiner
Author's website:
Category: General: Family Favorites
ISBN: 1572584289
Printer: Teach Services, Inc
Publisher address:
Date published:
Edition: (if available)
Description: Paperback with a lay flat spine
Illustrated: yes
Photographs: yes, lots of family pictures

I am not sure my review will do Elise's cookbook justice but I will try. Poor Carolyn, She received her copy of the cookbook Friday night. While she was busy getting things ready for Saturday (She did say that there was
nothing I could do to help) I snagged the book just to page through it and ended up reading the whole thing from cover to cover. Not very nice of me but this is how engrossing the book is. The book includes a list of charities that Elise will make a donation to when you purchase her book. It is a very comprehensive list to choose from.

The book starts out with a forward, dedications, A list of contributors, index and a story of the family traditions for Thanksgiving written by her son Jeffery. What a great job she and her husband have done
raising their childern. It would be every parents dream to have a child remember the family traditions the way he has.

The chapters are as follows:
Appetizers and beverages
Listed by Hot dips, Hot appetizers, Cold dips, cold appetizers, Beverages
Breakfast, Brunch and Eggs
Listed by Savory Breads, Sweet Breads, Rolls, Muffins, and more
Casseroles and Crockpots
Listed by Casseroles, Crockpot
Listed by Beef, Pork, Veal
Listed by Shellfish and Fish
Soups and Salads
Pasta and Rice
Side Dishes
Listed by Cakes, Pies, Cheesecakes, Fruits and Dips, Flanes, Custards, and
Puddings, a Miscellaneous section, cookies
Marinades, Sauces and Dressings
Listed by Marinades, Gravies and Sauces, Dressings
Holiday cooking
A bit of this, A dash of love
P.s. I love you, a few last minute recipe's we just couldn't leave out.

At the beginning of each chapter there is a page with different areas of advise. Like how to stock a dream kitchen, Safety advices, how to ship cookies etc. The recipes are easily understood, well written, and all tested
throught out the years, with a picture included on the page of the person who submitted the recipe. Since at the beginining of the book she requested you ask permission to share recipes and I haven't I won't share any of the
recipes. Just know they all look fantastic.

The amazing thing to me is all the family and friends she had pictures of and include in the book. Most pages have at least one picture if not more. The caption explain who everyone was, what occasion it was etc. While it was
written for the family what a special gift it was to the family with all the pictures and such included. You just felt the love and joy that the family and extended friends enjoyed.

I am afraid I have not done the book justice by this review, so I hope that others who have it will jump in and add their thoughts on it.

Reviewed by Denyse Lee for CookbooksEtCetera on 08 October 2006.

Hey Mrs. Feiner!

Mom gave me your cook book a couple weeks ago and it's great! Every Thursday, (when we can) my girlfriends and I get together to watch Grey's Anatomy and have dinner. It's my turn to host tomorrow and I will be putting my cooking skills to the test with the aid of your cookbook. Wish me luck!

Just wanted to say hello. Hope all is well!


(Lindsey Greene Third Year Medical Student At University of Buffalo)

I was fortunate to have just received your book as a gift. I haven’t been able to put it down since I received it!  I’ve gone through it 4 times!  I was so taken by the love in the family photos, stories, and anecdotes that I had to read them first. Then, I had to read all the helpful tips. After, I read all the inspirational (and funny, but true!) sayings.  Only after that, was I able to draw my attention to the recipes!!!  Every recipe I looked for was there...with multiple choices!


Thank you for sharing. (How lucky you are to have your family and how lucky they are to have you!)

Linda Ostrow

Vice President

Scholastic Books

Dear Elise,

Thank You very much for your Wonderful Cookbook. I can't put it down! I have been reading and looking at all the meaningful photographs of your family.  I am very happy to have a photo album of photographs of your Mom and extended family, whom I have had the pleasure to know when we lived in Utica, New York. Thank you very much for including my family in your cookbook, and always making us feel a part of your extended family. Mazel Tov on a truly wondrous accomlishment!

May you and your Beautiful family be blessed for a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Miss You and Love You,
Felice Oppenheim

I will be mailing you a card stating my memories of the Holidays spent with
you and your family, things I remember about your cooking days with Love.


I was just looking at the cookbook the other day and I have to tell you that I expected nothing less from you!!  It is truly a work of art.  That is something that will be passed from generation to generation; and you included everyone that has ever touched your lives.  I wish I had your energy level for just one month......then maybe I might be able to complete all of the projects that I started over the past 5 years!!!!!   Let's get together for dinner soon before we are all retired (I'll be working until I'm 90) and grandparents!!!   The best to you , Marc and your children!!!!


Frank (Basile)  

Dear Elise,  

My name is Lori Hamlin, I'm Matt Cully's aunt, Kitty's youngest sister.  Kitty dropped your beautiful cookbook off at my house a few weeks ago.  I brought it up to our family camp in Old Forge and read it like a book.    First I read the "Forward  and Dedication". ( It warmed my heart.) I proceeded to read everything else, but the recipes.  After 2 days of that, I had to start from the beginning and focus on the excellent detailed recipes.   I wouldn't consider myself a great cook (Kitty would agree with that too), but I do enjoy cooking and this cookbook instills confidence b/c of the extra little hints in each  recipe cooked with Love.   Lucky for us you didn't quit after being editor-in-chief of your yearbook.   Thanks again and God Bless you and your beautiful family.  

Lori D. Hamlin
Coldwell Banker/Faith Properties


I've been trying to look through the cookbook (between Sherry bothering me for work stuff) ever since you left.  First, I am so touched by what you did for CURE and for Chris, and second what an amazing undertaking!!!!  Aren't you taken back when you see what you've done, the final product???  Aside from the great recipes, the family history, and the chronicle through the years of all your friends....Wow!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I'll be in touch.

Jeanne (Donalty)

Mrs. Feiner,

I want to thank you so much for the cookbook.  It is truly amazing!  I spent two hours at work looking at it so far and I have barely got through the pictures...let alone reading all the recipes.  I looked up some of my favorites of yours and I am so excite to get cooking!  I don't think I will ever have to buy a cookbook again (I am serious!).  Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment.  It really is more than I could have ever imagined from your descriptions and ideas I heard about.  It is unbelievable!

Thanks Again!

Sarah (Burlingame)

Dear Aunt Elise,

Thank you very much for the cook book. I have been looking through it and I think you did a fantastic job. I will be using it for years to come

Love, Jonathan (Zierler)


Oh My God!! I got the cookbook yesterday, it is fantastic.  I feel like I am walking through your families’ life. It is more of a story book with recipes thrown in.  So much work and it is beautifully
Laid out, easy to read and find what you want.  I am going to go on the websites today.  Already want to order one for my cousin and I will show it around work today.  The pictures are great-
Having been to some of your events I actually know many of these people.

You did so much work, but it is really nice, now we need to get you on Oprah so you can sell a million copies.  Didn’t notice do you have the Angel Network in there as a charity???

Nancy H. Barfield
Hotel Program Manager
RFP Express

Cooking with Love is not only an incredible accomplishment, it is truly a gift of love.  Having you as my dear friend is a blessing!

Maria, Tim, Katherine, Jonathan, Kyle and Tessa Trainor

What an amazing and beautiful accomplishment this cookbook is! I can’t wait to get mine and browse! I will be looking for Steven’s famous “flaming yawn” birthday special.  I would love it if you would sign the book to me and my charity would be Breast Cancer Research. Please give my to the kids.  Don’t know how you do it ALL!

Vicki Angell

Dear Aunt Elise,

Thank you so much for including me in your wonderful, great, fantastic cookbook.  Also thank you for sending me my very own copy!  I love it and you should be soooo proud of the hard work and incredible job you did.  Thanks for always making me feel a part of your family.

Sam and Jeremy Zierler


A belated, but very heartfelt, thank you for the cookbook.  I am truly enjoying it...I love to sit and read cookbooks while having a cup of coffee or a bite to eat...  I made the Chinese chicken stir fry with peanuts last night for dinner.  Even my youngest ate dinner, which she rarely does!  Before kids, I used to love to cook; Because of children’s' finicky palates, I have more or less stayed to basic, kid-friendly cuisine (ho-hum...).  Seeing how much your kids have enjoyed your cooking and your passion for it has renewed my interest.  I may actually enjoy cooking again!

I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to purchase six additional copies.  I have 3 sisters and 3 girlfriends who I think will be thrilled to have a copy.  Let me know how I can purchase and pick up.  Again, thank you so very much for our copy.  I will certainly treasure it.

Elena Beattie

Hello Elise,
Thank you so much for your gift. Your cookbook is unlike any I've seen before. It is so much more than just a collection of recipes; every page is filled with love, friendship and family tradition. I started reading the recipes, but was captivated by the photos, captions around the photos and your notes about your friends and family. Haris and I will enjoy many delicious meals thanks to the recipes from your book. Thank you.

Jasminka Husic

This is definitely more than a wonderful cookbook full of recipes for all occasions, big and small.  It is also a very personal book, illustrated with pictures of family, friends, and celebrations through several generations.  If you didn't know the people in it before reading the book, you feel you do after.  Sprinkled with humor, thoughts to live by, and good times, the cookbook truly lives up to its name, Cooking with Love.  The fact that a donation to a charity is given with each purchase is "frosting on the cake." Good luck, Elise       

Pam Burns

Mrs. Feiner,

The cookbook arrived on Saturday... It's beautiful!!!  I've already made some dishes and desserts from the cookbook... they were all delicious!!!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July!!


Sachi (Ide)

Dear Mrs. Feiner.

Thank you so much for giving me a copy of "Cooking with Love".  I will treasure it forever, and think of you every time I make one of the recipes included in the book. I cannot even begin to tell you how deeply I admire your perseverance in the compilation of this cookbook - you have created a beautiful masterpiece and your traditions and legacy as an incredible cook will live on in the hearts of many.  It was nice to see you over the weekend - hopefully next time we can spend a longer time together!  Thanks again - you're the best!


Kassie (Trainor)

Dear Mrs. Feiner,

Thank you so much for the incredible cookbook.  It is something that I will cherish forever.  See you in Old Forge this summer.


Tessa (Trainor)

Dear Elise,

Your cookbook has been shared with several family members, and like us, they were amazed at the time and work you put into it.  You can be very proud of what you accomplished.  Enclosed is a check for three more books.


Ann (D'Amico)


You have a true talent.  What a wonderful family heirloom you have created.  I am in awe.  Thank you so much for including me.


Nancy M. Herr

Hi Elise,


Congratulations on your labor of love coming to fruition.  How wonderful for you guys. I went on your website and it looks fabulous.

Thanks so much for including Gilda’s Club NYC in the list of charities.  It was wonderful to receive your first donation.


I wish you lots of success!


Thanks a bunch and take good care,



Eileen Jackson

Administrative Coordinator

Gilda's Club New York City


Thank you for sharing your marvelous cookbook and family anecdotes with me. I started looking at it earlier and have enjoyed everything from Jeff's story when he was an undergrad student to insight into your families traditions and  I am only on page 24! I might add that you put us all on the West Coast to shame. I love the pictures and of course your recipes. Thank you again for sharing it with me. I have attached two pictures as I suspect that I have been reticent in sending them. The picture of my three children is two years old already but perhaps the best of the three of them as they are rarely altoghether. The picture of Steffanie, Jeff and Benny was just taken in June. She is really a darling young woman. Hopefully one day soon, and on a happy note, we will all meet up. I am going to go back to my reading now. Thank you again for sharing "Cooking With Love"

Barbara  (Forgeron)

Hi Barb,

We had a great visit with you.

As for the cookbook, we can't put the thing down. Not only did I find several pictures of you and your family, I founs several of your recipes; roasted chicken, brisket, apple cake. I even found two of Lee's recipes.

Stay well.

Santo (Pratico)

Hello Elise,


What a wonderful way to remember family, the past, the present and the future. Vince and I spent hours looking, remembering and wondering how you were able to gather all these pictures and recipes and put them all in one book. Thank you for including us.

Carol & Vince DeClementi


Your book is great!  I won't let Dave take it yet because I'm still looking at it.

Mary Samuels

Hello Elise!

I wanted to thank you for the AMAZING cookbook! We have been pouring over it all week long, and each time we look through it, we find something else wonderful! Laura and Mike were so excited to see Adrianna in there. I was so excited to see Mama's (my great grandma's) recipes in there, especially the one for Anginette's, which I have been craving for years! You did such an amazing job that even my brother Steve, whose idea of cooking is either requesting meals from my mom or calling the Chinese delivery, told me he wants one! Everyone was so excited to look through it! Thanks again, and be sure to look in the mail for Angelina's birth announcement! Say hello to all for us....

Kim (Jendzo)

  PS- By the way, after one of the last family parties where we saw Pookie Joe, we all decided that he reminded us of Robert DeNiro, so we were cracking up to see that you all saw the resemblance as well and that it wasn't just our imagination. I actually got to meet DeNiro- I'll send you the picture next e-mail.

Dear Ms. Feiner,

We are honored that you have chosen to give a gift to the Lower East Side Girls Club and that you have included us in your list of charities on your website.

As we're sure you already know, The Lower East Side Girls Club is an organizatin with a big mission - to change the landscape of New York City.  We are doing this in many ways, specifically by changing the lives of economically disadvantaged girls and their families through our broad array of leadership, mentorship, entrepreneruship, arts and science programs and by building the first "all green" Girls Club Center for Community in New York City.

None of our work could happen without people like you who also believe that it is possible to change the world.  Thank you for partnering with us, thank you for supporting us.


Lyn Pentecost

Founder and Executive Director

Adriana Pezulli

Director of Philanthropy

Dear Elise,

As per our conversation I am enclosing a check for the four books.  It is a wonderful book for the family to have. Thank you for all your great ideas in making the book with the recipes and pictures.

Love Always,

Betty (Saracino)

Dear Elise,

Barbara presented us with a copy of your incredible cookbook.  We haven't put the book down yet! We enjoyed the photos of your family and friends including Barb and Stu, and their family.

We recognize many of the old Italian recipes and a few of Barbara's signature dished.

You have produced an awesome tome. Keep up the good work!

Liz Pratico


Loved, loved, loved your cookbook - I sat and read it for an hour and enjoyed the pictures and your captions.  It reminded me of my family when I was a child.  Such love on a Sunday with the meatballs frying!!!  What a lovely tribute to your families.  I was shocked to see Matthew's pictures.  Thanks for including him.  He thinks the world of your family and Dr., is a mentor to him.  I will Cook with Love!

Kitty Cully

Mrs. Feiner,

I just wanted to say how wonderful the recipes and pictures are in your cookbook.  You featured my mother and father and it means so much to me and my family - since we recently lost my mother.  Now, they are honored for years to come.

Most Sincerely,

Sandra Cotroupe


Congratulations on a great website and obviously wonderful cookbook.  I'll have to order one to see the final product.  By the way, are they only available online or can they be purchased in a bookstore?   I love what you have done with the charity portion of your site.  It's so clean and pure.  Thank you for your generosity in selecting Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central New York as one of your many worthy charities.  We are proud to be among them.   I hope our paths cross in the near future.   Until then, wishing you much continued success.  


Diane E. Kuppermann

President & CEO

Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Central New York

120 Madison Street, Suite 900

Syracuse, NY 13202


Hi Elise,


The website looks great! I am glad that things are moving along for you. I will discuss possibilities with the March of Dimes team and will get back to you if we have any opportunities to promote the book.


Good luck and speak soon,


Rebecca Smith  

Revenue Development Coordinator


My mother in law received her book today, Wednesday. She has been”crying” for 3 hours trying to go through the book She thanks you and loves it very much.


Debbie (Pedicini)

Hi Elise,  

I received the cookbooks today, and WOW!!  What an unbelievable accomplishment.  I sat down, and for an hour and a half, thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures and browsing through the many, many recipes. I was tearing little pieces of paper and book marking pages. I can't wait to try Nanny Nellie's Kugel.  I currently make my mom's kugel every Yom Kippur.  There are many other recipes I would like to try, as well.  I know Robin will enjoy it, and I can't wait to give it to her on Saturday.  Thank you so much for this endeavor and for donating a portion to charities.  You should feel very proud of the legacy that you've allowed to be passed on to the next generation.  


Leslie (Solitrin)

Dear Elise,

My friend, Kitty Cully, shared your wonderful cookbook with me.  I can't imagine the amount of hard work, creativity, and thoughfulness that went into producing this book.  What a great way to honor your family and friends.  Enclosed is my favorite cookie recipe (see recipe area of the site) They freeze beautifully and they are always a tremendous hit at every gathering.  I thought you might like to try making them sometime.  I gave it to Maria Trainor years ago and she and her family love them.  I wish you much success with your book.


Meg Clifford

 Dear Elise,

I received your book  a couple of days ago and still can not believe it!! It is outstanding...When you first said you were putting this together, I thought you meant one of those spiral bound books like the ones sold at school fundraisers...Not that that would have been an easy job...But this!!! You have been one busy lady....I haven't even begun to sit and really go through it, I've only had time to glance quickly through the pictures. And, by the way, I and my family are quite honored...we made it in more than once...I haven't even had a chance to look at the recipes yet, but I know I will love them. Well, just wanted to congratulate you again. You and your family must be so proud and excited!! Talk to you soon.

Love, Sue (Marquino)


This looks great. I can tell that you have put a great deal of time, effort – and HEART – into this project. Many people will be touched by your caring spirit.


We are honored to be a part of it. I will speak with some of our marketing and promotions departments and see if there is a way to spread the news about the cookbook within our circles. I hope we are able to generate some sales.


I have one [small] favor to ask. On the list of all the charities, would you add the words “for Children” after “Arnold Palmer Hospital”? The full name of the hospital is “Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.”


Thanks again for including us and I hope we can work together for great success.





Chris Stowers, CFRE

Vice President

Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation

3160 Southgate Commerce Blvd., Suite 50

Orlando, FL 32806


Dear Elise,

Tales of the Eggplant:

Well, first off I should have read a little better - 2 medium size eggplants. I got 3 LARGE. Needless to say I have a sliced eggplant left over. The increments I used for the rest of the ingredients workd out great for the 2 large. It made two 9 X 13 pans of 4 layers each. Baked them for about hour and 15 minutes since there were two in the over and then topped them with the cheese. I started the peeling at 10 am. They came out of the oven at 4 pm. The party was at 5 pm. After burning my arms nicely trying to get the pans into the car I managed to drive to the park without them sliding all over. The results were:

1) If my programming job doesn't work out I was told I should consider cooking
2) One person couldn't stop eating it long enough to try the other stuff on their plate
3) One lady said she never liked eggplant but would try it because I spent all day making it - she took home two large pieces to eat later
4) One wanted the website for the book
5) One, an Italian from East New York, was upset at not getting his "gravy" today because of the party. He saw the eggplant and had 2 hunks - told me I made his day

I guess it worked!!!!  It really did turn out well. Surprised myself. Out of the 2 pans I have only 4 pieces left. Only problem is they all wanted to pick something for me to make for the NEXT party!!!

Thanks for the help.

Frank (Mainella, Jr.)

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