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Memories shared by our readers

"In the garden of life, you plant the seeds of love around the kitchen table..."

Please share the memories, the lessons, or the family philosophies that you learned sitting around your kitchen table...

My Favorite Memory is...


I have so many favorite memories that involve food that it's hard to pick just one. I am so blessed that I learned to cook not only from my Mom but both Grandmothers, several Aunts and even my Dad. Growing up my Dad was always in charge of breakfasts, anything on the grill, frying fish, seafood and several other things. I'm so glad I learned to can and still enjoy doing that now. Both my children love to cook and my husband does occasionally too, although he's known to mess up every pot, pan and bowl in the house. The end product does almost always turn out tasty though. I considered myself a good cook when I got married but I learned more dishes from my mother in law and some of my husband's Aunts as well. I've even learned a thing or two from my children and from a sweet Korean girl who adopted us as her American parents and from another sweet young Mexican couple that adopted us too. It seems the kitchen is the place where we not only gather to cook but to also talk. I so enjoy sitting down to meals with my family and friends in a time when some families just watch tv during their meals. I thank my Mom and Dad for teaching me the best place to eat is at the kitchen table where you can share your day with those you love the most.

Joan O. (a friend from CookbooksEtCetera)

Tuesday, August, 29th 2006


A favorite memory of mine is when my mother who is known as Bubbe makes her famous "Streusel Kuchen". It is a German cake that is just awesome. Of course, I'd always get in trouble because I loved the topping. To satisfy my dad and I, Bubbe always put on lots of toppings. To this day, I eat it upside down meaning, I eat the crust part first and then the yummy topping. Thanks mom for all those wonderful things you've baked and continue to bake and for all our wonderful family holidays.

Judy Oster

Saturday, August, 5th 2006


My mother, who is now 94, always made her famous Marble Cake from scratch. She did not need any special occasion to do it, just a request from any of her children or grandchildren. It always was the best cake, and it disappeared quite quickly. I have tried to duplicate this recipe, using the exact ingredients and amounts, and my kids say it is good but is not like Nana's. Her hands had something special in them that I could not duplicate. To this day if I make it they still tell me it is not like hers. I guess she will have to continue making it herself so that we can all enjoy her special Marble Cake.

Barbara Schwartz

Wednesday, August, 2nd 2006


One of my favorite memories from the kitchen was sitting at my grandmother's kitchen table watching her make her famous apple pie! She always served her pie with a slice of sharp New York State cheddar cheese. She would have me help her gather the ingredients as we talked about life. My dad would drop me off at her house on his way to work on summer mornings and pick me and the pie up after work in the evening! His eyes would light up when he saw me coming with that pie! My grandmother, Josephine Costello, passed away at the age of 93, but her lovely memory and her famous pies, live on in our memories!

Suzanne Costello Bakiewicz

Saturday, July, 29th 2006



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