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Project Cookbook Katrina Press Release

Elise Feiner, the author of “Cooking with Love”, is spearheading a drive to reinfuse New Orleans with “Aroma-Therapy” with Project Cookbook Katrina.  So many of the victims of Hurricane Katrina have lost much more than their homes, cars, and clothing.  They lost their “aroma” when all of their family recipes were lost during the hurricane. At the holidays, they were without recipes to follow.  Philipe LaMancusa, owner of the Kitchen Witch bookstore in the French Quarter, said that “70 percent of his sales since reopening in November have come from customers whose recipe books were among Katrina's casualties.”

Several newspapers have recently been reporting the plight that the survivors are having when it comes to even the simplest things, like cooking a holiday meal.  Many of them have lost all of their family recipes and cookbooks.  Who would think that such a simple thing could be so upsetting?  But, think about the things you relate to holidays, to foods, to the traditions of the same meals year after year, the aromas alone evoke enough memories to fill a scrapbook.

Mrs. Feiner would like to help return family recipes to the people of New Orleans.   She is donating one hundred copies of “Cooking with Love” to help return some of the joy of cooking back to the people. She wants businesses and individuals to sponsor her cookbook in the name of their business or in their own names. “We Are Cooking With Love” will ship the cookbooks and coordinate the disbursement with Mr. LaMancusa.  In addition, the Times-Picayune will inform the citizens of New Orleans that the books are available.  They will have to provide an ID documenting that they are residents of New Orleans in order to be eligible for a cookbook.  If you are willing to contribute to this worthy cause please visit our website at

You may also purchase a book by sending a certified check, money order, or Business check for $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling to:

We Are Cooking with Love
Post Office Box 505
Washington Mills, New York 13479


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