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Picture of Tim Trainor

Tim Trainor

Creative Force, Web Design

Timothy J. Trainor is the creative genius behind Trainor Interactive and Arachnomedia. Tim opened his own advertising agency Trainor Associates and from there, things just took off. Among his clients are SBLI, Matt's Brewery, Adirondack Bank, and General Motors. Tim is an incredibly philanthropic person, always supporting groups in our community in need of his assistance. Tim and his wife Maria live in New Hartford and have four wonderful children: Katherine, a graduate of Columbia University's Master's in Journalism program and now working at Manning, Savage, and Lee, a PR firm in Boston, MA. Jonathan, a senior at Boston College, Kyle, a sophomore at Boston College and Tessa, a junior at New Hartford High School. His wife Maria is a wonderful friend and phenomenal cook. Her contributions to the cookbook are seen throughout the pages. The project would never have gotten off the ground without Tim. Our website is designed by Trainor Interactive.


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